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On The Cusp, Romeo Langford Will Need An All-Time Season In Order To Break Damon Bailey’s Career Scoring Record

At some point next season Romeo Langford and his New Albany teammates will play against Brayton Bailey’s Bedford North Lawrence (BNL) team. Brayton Bailey is a sophomore on the BNL team and made the all-conference team last season averaging 12 points and 6 rebounds per game as a freshman. Brayton also happens to be Damon Bailey’s son.

In 1990, Damon Bailey broke the Indiana high school scoring record with 3,134 points. Had the internet and social media been around like it is today, Damon also would have broken that. Damon was a Hoosier Cult Hero, like Steve Alford, Larry Bird, Rick Mount, and Oscar Robertson before him. It has been 3 decades since the Cult of Damon became a thing, but we finally have our next cult hero: Romeo Langford.

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Romeo guards Brayton Bailey in 2016-17.

On The Brink of Bailey’s Record

Romeo Langford is within reach of breaking Damon Bailey’s Indiana High School basketball scoring record. Last season Romeo Langford became just the 47th player to break into the 2,000 point club. Currently, Romeo sits at #33 on the all-time list and needs 1,044 points to become the all-time leading scorer in Indiana history. While 1,044 points in his senior season is certainly feasible, it will be not easy feat. To date, Romeo has not yet had a season where he scored above 900 points. The closest he came was in his sophomore season when he put up 845 points. In fact, only 4 players in history have scored over 1,000 points in a single season; Dave Shepherd, Steve Alford, George McGinnis, and Trevon Bluiett. Not even Damon Bailey himself put up 1,000 points in a single season. In the past 35 years, only one player has scored 1,000+ points in a single season and that was Bluiett in 2014. Interestingly enough, if Bluiett can score over 1,000 points next season at Xavier he has a chance to break Xavier’s all-time scoring record.

In order to break Bailey’s all-time scoring record, Romeo Langford not only going to have to have the best scoring season of his career, but also at least the 3rd best scoring season in Indiana HS basketball history. To put this in perspective, the most possible games that New Albany can play next season is 29 and that is only if they make it to the state championship game. In that scenario Romeo will need to average 36 points per game.

If Romeo can break the 1,000 points single season barrier, average 36 points per game, win a state championship, and ultimately put himself in position to break Bailey’s record – then there is no doubt that Romeo is indeed one of, if not the best Indiana high school basketball players of all-time.

The only question left would be is he going to follow in Damon’s footsteps and be an Indiana Hoosier.


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