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12 Thoughts On Notre Dame’s Official Depth

  1. Ian Book at backup quarterback. If Brandon Wimbush goes down will Kelly take the redshirt off of Avery Davis or has Book shown enough that he would step up to a short or long term starting spot?
  2. Dexter Williams and Tony Jones Jr are the 2a and 2b running backs. Most expected Williams to break out this season, but Jones Jr has proven himself to be a great 3rd down back and appears to be proving to be much more than just that. Who will get more carries this season Williams or Jones Jr?
  3. 2 of the 3 starting WRs are transfers. Cam Smith (Arizona St) and Freddie Canteen’s (Michigan) decision to transfer in to ND paid off as each top the depth chart.
  4. Kevin Stepherson, who may actually be NDs 2nd best WR, is nowhere to be seen on the depth chart. It’s no secret that his lack of attention to details has him in Kelly’s dog house. Will he end up transferring or will he battle through the adversity to become the star ND needs him to be?
  5. The veteran Durham Smythe beat out uber-talented Alize Mack for the #1 TE spot. Will Mack be able to take over the #1 spot throughout the season? If not, it will be a disappointment.
  6. ND brings in 2 of the top TE recruits in the nation in Kole Kmet and Brock Wright. They are each tied at TE#3 with veteran Nick Weishar.
  7. Andrew Trumbetti is listed as #1 at DE along with Jay and Daelin Hayes. If Trumbetti does not have a break out season, it will be disappointing. The opportunity is there and it’s his final season. Kelly has mentioned that Trumbetti really stepped up this off-season.
  8. #2s at DT and NG feature 2 true freshman. This may be the weakest/shallowest part of the team (unless these freshman prove to be gamers from the start).
  9. Greer Martini and Tevon Coney are listed as co-starters at LB. Previously, Coney was listed as a #2.
  10. Jalen Elliot is listed as a starter over Devin Studsill. This is also how it was listed over the off-season, but I fully expected Studsill to earn the starting spot after all of the experience he gained last season.
  11. Chris Finke (former walk-on) is listed as the punt returner over CJ Sanders. CJ has 2 career return TDs, but has not yet broken out into the game changer that we hoped he would.
  12. CJ Sanders and Tony Jones Jr are listed as kick returners. I had expected Dexter Williams to be here, but this shows that Tony Jones Jr probably has more speed than what we expected. Even more reasons to get excited about Jones Jr.
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