Indiana Basketball Fans Can Expect The Following Improvements Under Archie Miller

#1. An Improved Record In February and March

Over the last 6 seasons Indiana had a combined record of 40-36 during February and March. Notice that this record does not include Tom Crean’s first 3 seasons in which IU went an abysmal 3-29 during February and March. Even the #1 ranked 2012-13 team took 5 of their 7 losses in February and March. But Indiana fans can expect an improved record down the toughest stretch of the season when teams wrap up conference play and enter conference tournaments and post season play.

Notre Dame

As The Illusion Fades, The Top Candidates To Replace Brian Kelly Appear

To put it simple, the illusion of Brian Kelly being a good fit at Notre Dame is fading. With 10 (or 11 with a bowl game) games remaining, Kelly likely can only lose 2 more games. This means he will most likely have to win at least 2 of the following game: USC, at Miami, at Stanford, or a bowl game. Following is a list of the most likely candidates to replace Kelly.

Indiana High School Sports

On The Cusp, Romeo Langford Will Need An All-Time Season In Order To Break Damon Bailey’s Career Scoring Record

At some point next season Romeo Langford and his New Albany teammates will play against Brayton Bailey’s Bedford North Lawrence (BNL) team. Brayton Bailey is a sophomore on the BNL team and made the all-conference team last season averaging 12 points and 6 rebounds per game as a freshman. Brayton also happens to be Damon Bailey’s son.

In 1990, Damon Bailey broke the Indiana high school scoring record with 3,134 points. Had the internet and social media been around like it is today, Damon also would have broken that.


Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Is A Sleeping Giant, Waiting To Be Re-Awoken

But as IU has seen over the past 30 years – resources, fans, and support are not enough to win a championship. It will take a top 10 coach to awaken the program and bring its 6th national championship. When IU named Archie Miller the 29th head basketball coach at IU in late March, they made him the 8th highest paid coach in the nation. At just 38 years of age, Archie is considered one the top up-and-coming head coaches in the nation and turned down at least 7 offers before finally accepting the Indiana coaching position.

The question everyone wants to know is if Archie can coach as well as IU will pay him. Can Archie be the guy that wakes up the Hoosier program and brings the 6th banner to Assembly Hall? Only time will tell and the clock has already started ticking. One thing is for sure; Five banners are no longer good enough for Indiana basketball.


Comparing Paul George & Victor Oladipo’s First 4 Seasons Might Surprise You

Lets breakdown the important part of the trade. Oladipo just finished his 4th year in the NBA so I decided to compare the first 4 years of ‘Dipo and Paul George. They are certainly not the same player, but it is important to remember that Paul George was raw with talent in his first 4 years in the same way that Oladipo was. Upon comparison, ‘Dipo’s stats are eerily similar to Paul George’s. In fact they both had the exact same FG% (.434) and steals per game (1.5) over their first 4 years in the NBA.

In addition, Oladpio has improved his field goal % and 3 point % every single year since entering the NBA. While his points per game did take a small drop last season, one should expect that from anybody joining alongside ball-heavy Westbrook. Expect Oladipo to increase his scoring average considerably next season.

Notre Dame

2017 Notre Dame Football Preview

After a 4-8 season, the 2nd worst record in the past 60 years of ND football, coach Brian Kelly deservedly finds himself on the hot seat. At times Kelly did not handle the hot seat well last year as he shifted blame to the players multiple times while showing inability to adapt within his own coaching staff and schemes, or waiting until it was too late (i.e. Brian Van Gorder).

But Kelly returns this season to coach his 8th season at ND. In 8 seasons Kelly has led ND to a 3-3 bowl game record, the schools first bowl win since 1993, and took them to the 2002 national championship. But Kelly’s Irish are going to have to do better than the recurring 8-5 record of years past in order for Kelly to keep his job and that all starts with a mass turnover to the coaching staff.


TJ Leaf: Hoosier Bred, Pacer Draftee, Basketball Stud

At 6’10, TJ Leaf will play power forward for the Pacers allowing Myles Turner to move the 5 position. This pick signifies that the Pacers are serious about transitioning to a smaller, faster team that can get up and down in transition. Larry Bird pushed for this transition in previous years but was unable to do so due to Paul George’s reluctance to play the PF position.

With his offensive efficiency, the Pacers brought in another player (ala Myles Turner) who can score but does not need the ball in his hands to score. Like Myles Turner, TJ has a knack for being in the right spot at the right time. Whether its back cuts, alley-oops, transition buckets, spot up jump shots, or offensive tip-ins – TJ just finds a way. Having this ability in Turner and Leaf allows the Pacers to bring in a more ball heavy player at guard in the future which should allow chemistry to develop.