Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Is A Sleeping Giant, Waiting To Be Re-Awoken

But as IU has seen over the past 30 years – resources, fans, and support are not enough to win a championship. It will take a top 10 coach to awaken the program and bring its 6th national championship. When IU named Archie Miller the 29th head basketball coach at IU in late March, they made him the 8th highest paid coach in the nation. At just 38 years of age, Archie is considered one the top up-and-coming head coaches in the nation and turned down at least 7 offers before finally accepting the Indiana coaching position.

The question everyone wants to know is if Archie can coach as well as IU will pay him. Can Archie be the guy that wakes up the Hoosier program and brings the 6th banner to Assembly Hall? Only time will tell and the clock has already started ticking. One thing is for sure; Five banners are no longer good enough for Indiana basketball.


Overanalysis of the IUBB Hire: Archie Miller vs Gregg Marshall’s First 6 Seasons

So I decided to do what any IU fan currently does best, overanalyze what Gregg Marshall’s first 6 seasons as a D1 head basketball coach and compare it to Archie Miller’s first 6 years (Archie coached 6 seasons at Dayton before becoming IU’s HC).

My hope was that Archie’s first 6 seasons would stack up fairly well against against Marshall’s first 6 seasons. This would prove to me that Archie has the ability to evolve in the caliber of a coach that Marshall currently sits at.
My fear was that I would find that Marshall blew Archie out of the water at the beginning of his respective career.

What I found was..